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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

So here we are back in lockdown! Instead of a count down to Christmas, we are now holding a countdown to reopening.

Some would say that I am completely crazy opening a gym in the midst of a global pandemic. I say that every challenge opens up the chance of an opportunity.

Back in March, I reverted to holding skype and zoom classes with my clients from home. My ambition as a professional sports person has always been to open up my own gym. Just before the end of the lockdown I came across the premises in Goldsworth Park. My goal to open up my own gym was suddenly looking like a possibility. After a few months of hard work we finalised the lease on 9 Goldsworth Park District centre and La Palestra Health and Fitness became a reality.

Right now I, along with the support of my family am focusing on creating a boutique fitness studio that is different from all the others. La Palestra is “Max’ Gym” and as such my plan is to build a team of professional personal trainers that share my passion, my ethos and philosophy, offering a unique training experience. My aim is to help and encourage the local community to become fitter and healthier and to show everyone how important exercise and nutrition is for the body and mind… “Mens sana in corpore Sano”.

I have had many coaches during my sports career and earned the name the terrible trooper. I don’t give up easily, in fact, even though we are in the second lockdown I am looking forward to coming back better and stronger.

Watch out for La Palestra!

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