Raiding the Fridge!

Whilst we are all back on lockdown, this is the ideal opportunity to catch up with all those things that we can’t do whilst we are at work.

Although we cannot attend the gym at the moment, I have posted a few exercise mini clips on the La Palestra Health and Fitness website to show you all that you can still look after yourselves at home until we can return to the gym.

And don’t forget, although I am giving you these exercises from the gym, with weights and exercise bands, your home is full of a plethora of items that can be used to complement your workout. Don’t forget the stairs and you can also raid your fridge or kitchen cabinets for bottles of water or packs of rice!

Please keep an eye on the website for more videos and updates.

I am sure like me you are all looking forward to getting back to La Palestra.

#riceforweights #videominiclips #2nddecember

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